After a late night, during which a large amount of beers had been consumed, the early morning call at 4:30 am was not appreciated, but was necessary. Our driver met us in the reception lounge at 5 am and droves us to the “launch pad” where the crew were busily unfurling the multi-coloured ballon. Thankfully the kettle was boiling and tea, coffee and freshly squeezed juice was passed around to the bleary eyed group. Before us was a long table filled with cereals. fruits, various meats and cheese, salad, rice, pasta and fresh bread. For those with a voracious appetite a second helping was proffered. The large wicker basket was laid on its side and the balloon attached to it. The mouth of the balloon was held open by two youths and slowly the balloon was filled with cold air using a large industrial fan. The pilot at this point lit the gas burner and in short burst began to fill the balloon with hot air. As ıt rose into the air the basket was righted and teathered down with ropes. The rectangular basket was divided into three sections, two for passengers and the central section for the pilot and his equipment. Once we had climbed aboard the pilot explained the safety regulations and without any further ado the tethers were cast off and we slowly began the gentle rise into the sky.The pilot told us that whilst he always knew where he had taken off from, he never knew where he would land. Seeing some perplexed and some worried faces he explained that although he was in control of the balloon, he had no control over the wind, hence he did not know where we would land. The birds eye view is astounding and an experience of drifting over the wierd landscape with its naturally formed rock formations is something I will never forget. With the sun still low on the horizon the valley floor was covered in strange shaped shadows and the silence was interupted only when the pilot fired up the burners to send more hot air into the balloon and take us even higher. As we began descending back to earth the gentle breeze took us through one of the valleys and close to the creamy coloured cliff walls. Throughout the flight the pilot was in constant radio contact with other pilots and all along the way pointed out the various places of interest. As we approached a wide open space at the end of the valley the crew were waiting for us and the pilot landed us quiet softly, whilst the crew clung on to the ropes to stop the basket from being dragged along the ground. The round of applause was nearly as loud as the roar of the gas burners and after a very short speech we were each presented with a glass of champagne and a Flight Certificate.which now hangs proudly on my lounge wall. A truely memorable experience. Hot air Balloon Cappadocia

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