Mutlu loves his country and people passionately.

Mutlu loves his job and guests.

Mutlu offers %100 custom travel solutions.

Mutlu offers creative and different activities.

Mutlu offers to craft your inquiry in a short period.

Mutlu offers a prompt reply and careful service.

Mutlu offers crystal clear explanations.

Mutlu gives more importance to detail.

Mutlu has a wide-range of contacts throughout Turkey & Greece.

Mutlu strives to provide an excellent service.

Mutlu shares only his knowledge & experience.

Mutlu is consienctious and diligent.

Mutlu loves professionalism and new innovations.

Only Allah is perfect other everyone can make a mistake!

Mutlu is always a reliable and dependable person.

Mutlu is a fun and friendly person.

Mutlu’s the biggest investments are his reference books.

Mutlu doesn’t like to use the words “I don’t know” and “No”.

If he doesn’t know something, he will just Google it :)

Mutlu is a lifetime student and endless learner.

He is currently a student of History Dept. of Istanbul University.

He is a graduate from Tourist Guiding Dept of Adnan Menderes University.

Mutlu is enthusiastic in whatever he does.

Mutlu focuses on the health and well being of his guests.

Mutlu loves cultural interactions.

Mutlu is always punctual and presentable.

He loves Turkish Cuisine and knows the best local restaurants.

Mutlu is an adventurist. Try outdoor sport with him.

Mutlu likes photography and selfies.

Mutlu is open-minded and visionary

Please ask a million questions about his country.

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